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Current Members


Just a reminder…

The Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM) is an international network of like-minded Christian Ministries seeking fellowship and accountability under the spiritual oversight of AAM. These Ministries and their Ministers are received into membership through an application process as approved by the AAM Board.

There are two levels of recognition:

Member Organization

Associate Member: Existing ministry joining us so that they will be part of an umbrella organization. Their ministers may automatically also become members.

Admin Partner: Associate member that we supply admin assistance to such as a website and email addresses.

Member Individual

Associate: Active in Ministry not ordained.

Ordained: Active in Ministry and Ordained.

Graduate: Completed RWBC studies up to Certificate in Ministry.

Graduate Ordained: Completed RWBC studies up to BTH and Ordained.

AAM Membership Application Form

Joshua BakerFacultyRSA
Brian DruryFacultyRSA
Reg RheibockFacultyRSA
Andrew RighthouseFacultyRSA
Lynn van VuurenFacultyRSA
Yvonne HalleyFacultyRSA
Anton JoubertFacultyRSA
Jane JonesFacultyRSA
Levy Motebejane FacultyRSA
Ina MulderFacultyRSA
Leon MulderFacultyRSA
Basie MartinsFacultyRSA
ASR Martins MinistriesAssociate MinistryRSA
Impact Pentecostal MinistriesAssociate MinistryRSA
M Riddle (Youth With A Mission)Associate MinistryAustralia
Michelle RiddleAssociateAustralia
Risen Gospel MinistryAssociate MinistryRSA
Ernest AdamsOrdainedRSA
Ernest Faith MissionAssociate MinistryRSA
Victor George BantjesOrdainedRSA
Trevor John RobertsOrdainedRSA
Esther Amethyst RampersadOrdainedRSA
Msebenzi Jakobus MahlanguGraduateRSA
Joseph Wolyce OndiegeOrdainedKenya
New Life Evangelistic Pentecostal Church of KenyaAssociate MinistryKenya
Onkemetse Oscar MasenaOrdainedBotswana
Pauline ChicoOrdainedZambia
Daniel MwapeOrdainedZambia
Catherine MwapeOrdainedZambia
Shadrick BwalyaOrdainedZambia
Peter ShamendaOrdainedZambia
Iness Muleya OrdainedZambia
Steven KawishaOrdainedZambia
Moses MutongaOrdainedZambia
Mukosha D BandaOrdainedZambia
Clifford Sampa OrdainedZambia
Kevin Mubita KawanaOrdainedZambia
Kapu ChinongeOrdainedZambia
Lamarck ChinongeOrdainedZambia
Violet B MwanzaOrdainedZambia
Kalemukwa AggreyOrdainedZambia
Martin C KayomboOrdainedZambia
Samaria ChikotoOrdainedZambia
Stella NjobvuOrdainedZambia
Gerald Wayne HartmannOrdainedRSA
Themba Enoch MazombaOrdainedRSA
Johny SwartzOrdainedRSA
Peter EgglingOrdainedRSA
Amose Cornelius ManheOrdainedRSA
Nathanael NgwenyaOrdainedRSA
Charles Noble MunroOrdainedRSA
Johan VenterOrdainedRSA
Charmaine Antoinette VenterOrdainedRSA
Nozizwe JonaOrdainedRSA
Wellington Mpisekhaya SampiesOrdainedRSA
Sello KetsisiGraduateRSA
Jothan NkosiAssociateRSA
Alois PutzAssociateRSA
Geraldine Dolline WolmaransGraduateRSA
Shawn Benjamin PullenGraduateRSA
Manasa JutaGraduateZimbabwe
Zola ZondaniGraduateRSA

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