The Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM) has a policy of allowing its members to be led by the Holy Spirit and not by board members and constitutions. We have included very few requirements in our constitution mainly because, as Christ instructed, we do not want to create an environment where people rule over each other.

Of course, there is the Biblical system of accountability that needs to be followed and adhered to. See the requirements for the Elders and the Deacons.

The Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM) does not have and does not seek any ownership or responsibility regarding the management of churches, denominations, individual ministries, the election and responsibilities of church leaders, staff members, their job descriptions, church meetings, board meetings, financial matters, church structures, the dissolution of congregations, and the management of church assets in any way.

The vision, mission, and purpose of each member, whether it is a congregation, a corporate ministry, or an individual ministry, registered as a non-profit company, a private company, or unregistered, are always honored and accepted.

Other than the Biblical requirements that are expected from the elders and the deacons, which are also applicable to all staff, from the five-fold ministry to all permanent or temporary staff members, the only other requirement that the Apostolic Alignment Ministries have, is the willingness of all members not to hinder the leading of Christ and the workings and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and that the leaders and the members of the congregation are led by Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are all led by Christ and the Holy Spirit. We all should be led by Christ and the Holy Spirit. This truth should be honored and protected by all members at all times.

We trust that all our members will be content with the informal constitution that the Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM) chose to adopt. It is transparent, and just, and it conforms to the Biblical guidelines that Christ Jesus gave the church.

Apart from the above requirements, all members should take note of the AAM’s Development Strategies. Although this is completely voluntary, the AAM will endeavor to assist all applicable members in this regard. Because of this, all members to make themselves familiar with these strategies.

The AAM is very transparent about its strategies. A detailed outline of the practical assistance that we offer can be perused below: