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Revealed Word Bible College is the official training facility of Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM). It was founded by Joshua Baker of Strategic Missions.

Allow us to share a bit of information with you about Revealed Word Bible College, our courses, and the services that we offer our students

Revealed Word Bible College has been approved and upgraded to a Certified school with Christ for the Nations Institute Association of Bible Schools (CFNI ABS). This means we are authorized by CFNI ABS to grant degrees.

We are authorized by CFNI ABS to offer students who successfully complete:

30 Credit Hours – Certificates

66 Credit Hours – Associate degrees

120 Credit Hours – Bachelor’s degrees

Credit Hours are calculated as 1 Credit Hour equals 10 actual study hours. We are also permitted to give some credits for ministry duties performed.

Christ for The Nations Institute

Christ for The Nations Institute is a Bible School that was founded by Dr. Gordon Lindsay more than 70 years ago. They have graduated more than 40000 students from over 100 countries in this period. The CFNI association of Bible Schools was established in 1993 to further the expansion of the Kingdom in the nations through strengthening the work of leadership training in associated bible schools. Currently, there are 82 schools from 42 nations as members. Each school has to pass through a strict vetting process. Accreditation is an important part of certification, as it means that if a college is accredited it meets the minimum standards set by an accreditation agency. Minimum standards mean that there is accountability, that certain criteria are met, that there is good record keeping and that the college has outside recognition. Our goal is to go way beyond the minimum standards…

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